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The Challenge

“How about a digital RVSP system that users can use to create their own card?”. That was the idea that was posed to us when we first discussed this project. It requires us to create a Software As A Service (Saas) in the format of a digital invitation system. The basic idea was to allow users to create an account, pick a design and change the content according to the invitation details.


The Approach

To embark on this project, we started off with design sprints. This is a month-long discovery process to understand the best user flows of the software. The goal is to build a user journey that is self-explanatory. Meaning that users will use the app intuitively. We identified a few deliverables:


So we identified key deliverables:


  • - Brand Discovery
  • - UX Design
  • - Project Planning
  • - Prototypes
  • - Design systems
  • - Wireframes
  • - User Interfaces
  • - PWA Development
  • - Responsive Web Design




It took us two months to deliver this project, and we have managed to deliver the following‌:

  • - Custom PWA Development


Project Manager

A. Hakim Noor

UX Designer

UI Designer

Wan Muhammad Fadzli


Kad Kahwin Digital

An e-invitation software as a service (Saas)

About Project

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