A designer. Problem solver.

“Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is about how it works.”

Wan Muhamad Fadzli

Chief Design Officer

Aesthetically pleasing, works like nobody's business. This is why


Information Architecture

We go through your needs and purpose of the product by creating Task Flow & Wireframe Flow.



Low fidelity designs with selected components based on information architecture.


Design Onboarding

Once agreed, we extract all content such as logo, images, videos and all the details.


Develop Prototype

Our design team will start working on final prototype based on the approved content.


Prototype Testinge

You will go through the prototype to approve the design and content.


Prototype Sign Off

This is where we will sign off the design with documentation to our developer.

This is what we will deliver.

Information Archictecture

Documentations of user flow, task flow and site map


Low fidelity design of the product with essentials element and the content in place

Brand Guideliine

Optional - An instruction manual and rule book on how to communicate your brand well

Design Style Guide

Style guide document for the design comprises of colour codes, typography, iconography and their application

Clickable Prototype

Visual representation of the user interface of a website or software application

Design that works.

Establish empathy together as a team

It’s important to understand your users together as a team. Doing so eventually weaves benefit into the product at every level. By increasing your team’s exposure to users, you will increase the user’s satisfaction of the product.


Collectively define and agree on problems

Take time to understand and clearly define your user’s problems. Feeding the team solutions will only lead to demoralisation; people like being empowered and to have a chance to be creative. Let the team stretch their skills, and give them time to truly understand the problem.


Group Ideation

Good ideas can come from anyone. Waiting for one member of the team to create the best idea will take time, and will be biassed towards their experience. It doesn’t have to take long, there are exercises designed to generate lots of ideas quickly.


Prototype and test with real user

Fake it until you can make it. Spend the minimum amount of time to create the closest to the real thing. You’re looking for feedback on the idea, not whether your design looks finished. Test with real representative users.


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Leeroy Shah

Business Development

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Helping ambitious startups design and build delightful web apps and mobile applications that make an impact in their customers' daily lives.

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