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Website or Web App? What is the difference between these two?
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Often people misunderstand between websites and web apps. Here we’re going to explain what is the main difference between websites and web applications and what type of web you would need for your business;



  • Most internet users are familiar with websites, you’re on one! Websites are accessible through browsers, and usually meant to display content such as images, video, audio or any form of information. Most websites have static content, which does not update dynamically. Websites main components are basically built with HTML, CSS and maybe a little bit of Javascript.


Web App

  • Web apps are a little bit different, where the content is not static. Web apps are websites with more functionalities and interactivities with the users. Web Apps consist of front end and back end. Users usually will be able to interact with the Web Apps to achieve certain tasks such as updating account information or to buy and book tickets. What kind of web do you need for your business?


You would need a website if you are looking to do these:

  • To showcase your business products and services
  • For the branding of your business
  • Customer support
  • Showcase portfolio


You need a web app for these:

  • Interactive components (Bookings, Cart)
  • Login/Register features
  • Upload/Editing features (ex: User upload tshirt design and preview)


Still not quite clear about websites and web apps? You can check out these listed examples;


Example of website:


Example of web apps:


This article by FixColab, a software development agency, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, provides all of the information readers should be aware of regarding website and web app.

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By FixColab

Published February 14, 2022

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