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Beware of These Corporate Website Sins
Case Study . 6 min read

Being a website consultant, we know how important it is to get your website right in 2022. Companies are switching to long term remote work and people make most of the decisions
based on what they see online.


Can I trust this company?”

“Is this company real? Or is it a scam?”

“Is this a company that I want to work with?”


These are just some of the many questions that your prospect (be it a customer or a future employee) asks when they land on your website. Worse, we found out that 8/10 websites out
there didn’t give the right answers to those questions.


So, what do you do to make sure your websites aren’t doing the sins that most of
these companies make? Click the button below


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By FixColab

Published January 17, 2022

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